Jesus Christ Is The Cure

Christ the Cure: Your Sicknesses and How Christ Can Cure Them

98a32c0776060728f0110bcabc85bb20One of the most difficult experiences and times in the life of any human being is that in which you discover that you are living with a disease that affects and maims you either physically, mentally or both. With the advancements in medicine, science, technology and researched studies, many individuals have seen their way through illnesses of all kinds.

Yet few stop to consider that God had anything to do with their healing. Or lack thereof.  Christians and non Christians alike have faced the trials and tribulations of illness, but read on to learn why you don’t want to go it alone and why Christ is a real life saver!

Christ Is the Original Healer

When searching for a specialist to provide you care, you look for someone with experiences. Christ specializes in every area, He is overqualified! In His time He performed many miracles and He was well sought after. More importantly, He sought to be a help to those who were suffering from illness, disease or handicap.

The many accounts of those who received His care can be found within the pages of the bible, and they surpass any resume belonging to the doctors of today.  Jesus Christ had a 100% success rate with His patients and you are in luck, because he is still in service after all these years!

No Patient Waiting Lists

You will never be turned away by Christ. He longs to care for you and provide you with comfort in your time of need. He has no office for you to drive to and you don’t need to make an appointment of any kind. There’s no waiting list and Christ does not play favorites. He is waiting for you to pay Him a visit so he can work a miracle within your life!

Receiving His Care

Many nonbelievers find it especially difficult to come to God in a time when they are angry with Him because of what is happening to their bodies and minds. Are these your thoughts exactly? Are you angry with God? Are you wondering why this is happening to you? Do you want Him to heal you, but aren’t sure how to go about asking for His help?

Drop to your knees and “dial” Him through prayer, right now. Tell Him what has been going on in your life; give Him your sins in exchange for His forgiveness. Believe with all of your heart that Christ died on the cross so that you could receive eternal life. Ask Him to help you to be the person He desires you to be.

You’ve just made a beautiful contract with God. You’ve welcomed Him and all of His wonders into your life; you can now receive the full range of His services – free of charge!

Faith, the Perfect Prescription

God isn’t going to give you a little pill and promise everything will go as you’ve prayed and planned. His prescription? Faith! Faith in full affect can do what seems impossible. God does not feel a need to prove Himself to you through working a miracle before you believe He can.

Just believe He can – first! Faith in Christ alone and in what He can do for you opens the door for you to receive His healing and freedom from common “side effects” of sickness, such as:

  • Hopelessness
  • Deepened pain and discomfort, both physical and emotional
  • Doubt
  • And fear

Even before you are healed of your disease, you can feel the effects of your faith as you place all of your worries in Him. You don’t have to muster up tons of faith all at once; it can be difficult to do so in a time that seems so hopeless. But remember that through even a small dose of faith – one as small as a mustard seed, in fact (Matthew 17:20) – tremendous works can be done!

The Best in Bedside Manner

Christ the cure for all sickness. He doesn’t simply heal bodies; He heals hearts and minds as well. He never leaves the bedside known as our very lives. Believing this allows one to feel His presence and to see His power playing out in even the worst of times. It allows you to keep in good spirits, which is important, as a cheerful heart is good medicine (Proverbs 17:22). He offers much more than any medical doctor could dream.

Today, we don’t have the opportunity to see Christ coming down our street and grasp at His garment’s hem to be healed, but in a very spiritual sense we do just that!
You can consult Him throughout your struggles with sickness by:

  • Praying often regarding your physical and emotional well being
  • Asking Him for guidance in your decision making towards treatment
  • Seeking Christian counseling with either a pastor or certified Christian counselor
  •  Praying for His wisdom to be bestowed upon those providing you with medical attention
  • Asking Christian brothers and sisters to pray for you, and if you are comfortable, having them lay hands on you while praying for your healing
  • Above all else, keep of strong faith and remember that God loves you and knows what is best. His will is perfect and there really is a reason for everything. Christ can cure any sickness you have, but pray it is in His will to cure yours.

We as humans often place far too much value on life, as we know it. It is vital that you understand what is of greater importance and that which unfailing faith guarantees – receiving His strength and comfort in the difficult times, the creation of your very personal story that is sure to have affect on others (your testimony), and life…of the everlasting kind!


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